Objective: When a project status is moved to completed many features of the project will become read only.

Trigger: Project status: Completed

Reason: This is to protect the integrity of the project. Once it is completed and delivered to clients new details should not be added.

Workflow change: If the project is read only and something does need to be changed moving the project back to in progress will allow updates to be made

Read Only Feature Includes:

  • Updating instance data - direct fields and verifications

  • Updating parent finding data

  • Recalculation of severities

  • Moving/Copying instance into any of this project’s workspaces

  • Correlation within the project

  • A correlation outside the project must not affect any of a completed project’s findings and instances (this could be challenging; needs a bit of investigation)

  • Marking/unmarking entry points

  • Importing new files into workspaces

  • Adding manual instances

  • Removing instances

Changes can be allowed:

  • Adding comments
  • Changing verified state
  • Changing remediation states