Introduction to Program Management Dashboard

The Program management dashboard was updated in resolve version 8.6.0. This version of the dashboard is to help clients have a quick view of their projects, upcoming dates as well as the ability to request retests and new Projects. Let's walk through the dashboard and how the data is populated. 

Project Status Tiles

The Project Status Tiles provide a quick summary of the projects that are Scheduled, InProgress, Pending Retest and Completed. These numbers are created based on the project counts your user account has to.

Get In Touch & Request a Project

Hover over the three circles next to Request Project, this is your NetSPI team. The Get in Touch Section is populated with your Account Manager, Project Manager and Customer Success Manger that are assigned to the latest project.


If you would like to reach out to a NetSPI team member to request a new project, you simply click the Request Project button. This button will open a quick form that will trigger an email to the NetSPI team.

Calendar  / Notification Widget

The Calendar Widget has you never miss a remediation Due Date, Project Start Date, Action Items or when your report is delivered. This widget pulls data from Kickoffs and project overview fields to stay up to date and give clients a quick view of important dates. If the user clicks on a week in the calendar, tiles will populate with that week’s given activities. Again, these dates will populate with the projects data your user account has permission to see.


The Notification tab allows you to keep up to date on all communications happening in the project. Filter on comments, mentions, document uploads and state changes to quickly find what you are looking for.

Project Status Timeline

With the Project Status Timeline, view all your active projects in one simple place. Active projects are added to this view when a Kickoff Document has been generated and populated with start and end dates. The All tab contains projects that do not have start/ end dates or kickoff's generated, as well as completed projects.

The Kickoff phase is the play icon. It shows the action items from the Kickoff along with their status. This has items both for client and NetSPI to complete. It will also show recent comments on the project.
The Testing In Progress phase is an upward chart icon. It show the amount of findings as well as each severity's total count. The recent comments on the project are also displayed.

Peer Review and Reporting phase is a group icon. It shows the the number of findings for each severity, with recent comments. In addition to displaying report delivery due date.
Remediation Window phase is a computer icon. This has a quick display of how many findings have been resolved during remediation. The user can also see the recent comments along with a new button to view their report. There is an additional button to Notify NetSPI they are ready for a retest. This will send an email to your Project Manager.
Remediation Retest is the final phase in the timeline with a document icon. It displays a button that will redirect the user to the report and the user comments.

Completed status has celebrate green icon. After 2 weeks the project will move to the all tab and no longer display in the active list.