The In Product Reporting feature in Resolve allows users to generate, edit, and publish reports for clients.


Introduction to In Product Reporting

  1. On the project overview page, navigate to the Reports tab.
  2. To generate a report, click on the Generate Report button.
  3. Select your project report template and workspace selection and click Generate Report.
  4. Once you have generated your report you will be brought to the view tab.
  5. To edit your report click on the edit tab.
  6. Once on the edit tab any changes you make in the text editor on the left side will reflect on the preview of the report on the right side. These changes will be saved automatically but will not be available in track until you publish the report.
  7. Once you are satisfied with your report you click Publish Report to make this report viewable in track. Clients will receive a notification when the report is published.
  8. You can also download a PDF version of your report by clicking on the download button next to the Publish Report button. 
  9. If you need to make changes after the report has been published, you can make those changes and then republish the report

Deep Dive into Report Editing

There are a couple of features worth noting in the editing section of In Product Reporting.

  1. Certain text will remain uneditable, such as the findings, to update these sections in the report please go to their respective areas in resolve to update and then click on the Regenerate Report button in the three dot menu. This will repopulate all findings, verifications, instances, and read only fields.
  2. The rich text editor supports a large amount of text formatting, make sure to check out all of those features when editing your report.
  3. Need more space on the edit or preview side? You can resize the boxes by clicking and dragging on the three dot icon in the middle of the two.
  4. You can also unpublish the report by clicking on the three dot menu and selecting Unpublish Report

To reference what is available in Track please see: Exploring In Product Reporting