Sometimes multiple asset objects are created for the same asset if there is not enough information to properly correlate a duplicate.  The merge asset function allows for the two assets to be merged into a single asset.  Merging assets cannot be undone and all asset history and asset custom field values will be permanently lost on the asset that is being removed.  Findings and instances will be brought over to the remaining asset.  Duplicate detection will also happen on the merged data.

To merge an asset into another one: 

  1. Open up the asset that will remain after the merge
  2. Select the upper right meatballs menu
  3. Choose "Merge Assets"
  4. Select the checkbox next to the  asset that is to be merged into (the asset will no longer be within Resolve)
  5. Select "Merge Asset" and then again select "Merge Asset" on the warning screen
  6. The job to merge the assets will show up in the Async Jobs Queue and you will be notified once done