New Look!

We're back from the holidays with our largest release yet! In this release we begin releasing our new UI, provide easier access to questionnaires and instances, add additional entities for bulk editing, and more! This redesign is focused on bringing more information onto each screen and reducing the amount of clicks required to get to that information. This release has 2 large UI enhancements:

1) Navigation

The top navigation bar has been removed, you can now select which module you would like to view in the left-hand nav bar. Additionally, the side navigation bar is now collapsible!

2) Flyovers

The usage of flyovers has been reduced significantly in this release, all main details pages are now present on the main level of the Resolve interface. Flyovers should only be present for single-step actions going forward.

And More!

  • User-defined fields can now be included as columns in all grids
  • The column selector menu has been made searchable
  • Async Jobs have been moved into the top right corner of the navigation bar
  • Bulk editing has been added for Projects and Assets
  • Projects can now be moved between Business Units and Project Groups after creation
  • Graphs are now clickable! When viewing a graph click on any item to be taken to a grid showing the relevant filtered data
  • Questionnaires are now a main entity, allowing them to be created without being associated to a Project
  • New filter types have been added, some examples being In, Not In, and Multi-select
  • Date filters have been improved to allow logical date types (Today, Yesterday, This Week, etc...)
  • User-configurable settings for whether comments should default to "Show in Track"
  • Administrators can now add new states and configure state workflows for Projects and Findings
  • The Category and Default Severity fields on Findings are now editable
  • Improved dashboards when viewing Applications

Bug Fixes

  • Has Entry Point was not filterable from the findings grid
  • In rich text fields, tooltip for RTE toolbar icons were overlapping when icon is clicked
  • Nmap imports were failing if file contained no discovered open ports or when the file contained extra data
  • Instances were failing to publish in Archer when a blank verification item is present
  • Notification template subject was limited to 500 characters, this restriction has been removed
  • Checklist items were not added to project if UID column is missing from checklists grid
  • 'Import template' was not automatically selected when dropping a supported file type into the 'Data Sources' popup
  • Veracode integration updated to support multiple project mappings
  • Moving an instance from one workspace to another was breaking its association with the project
  • Adding a BCC user to the finding notification template was returning an error
  • The Archer connector was not trimming leading and trailing spaces properly when deduplicating findings
  • Creation of Project Type, Business Unit, User Groups and Roles with duplicate names is not allowed anymore
  • Program Management dashboard was including canceled projects as upcoming projects
  • Filters for CVSS scoring was not working properly
  • Scan Monster blackout date was not working as per cron schedule
  • Project scan dates was visible even when they were set to be hidden in permissions
  • Project name & state overlapped with each other on the project details screen on IE browser
  • Users were able to see Verifications tab in Project Instances without having access to verifications entity
  • Navigating to Projects in Entities & Fields was throwing an error
  • Security vulnerability fixes
  • Some of the rich text fields in Finding details page weren't showing anything when it was read-only
  • Remediator dashboard was not passing correct module in backend queries
  • Proper error was not displayed while creating a new scan if Findings and Instance Details entity permission is disabled 
  • Async job menu UI was not showing properly while performing merge assets
  • CVSS 2.0 & 3.0 score not displayed on finding grid