Just in time for Halloween, we are releasing Scan Monster into the wild! For NetSPI PTaaS customers Scan Monster is being released in Beta this month. Scan Monster automates and orchestrates NetSPI's scanning activities, allowing us to spend more time on manual penetration testing and less time chasing scanners around. Ask your NetSPI representative about Scanny, the Scan Monster to learn more!

And More!

  • Scan File Imports are now async jobs! When importing files, you can see their progress in the floating async menu
  • Whitehat importer and integration enhanced to support Applications
  • Veracode integration enhanced to support HMAC authentication
  • Findings and instances now contain a Projects tab, listing all projects those vulnerabilities have been discovered in
  • Updated terms of service to describe NetSPI use of user analytics
  • Questionnaire notifications can now include UDFs from related entities

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the exported CSVs in Findings grids were missing all rows except the first one
  • "Template Preview" in Export details page was always expanded by default. Now user can collapse/expand on demand. 
  • Fixed multiple text overflow issues on Finding details page 
  • Fixed missing Verification icon when no duplicates are available
  • Verification items’ action menu icons were missing on Add Manual Instance page 
  • Pagination works properly now in Workbench Projects Dashboard
  • Project End Date and Scan End Date in a project cannot be older than start dates now
  • Added missing date (calendar) icon while adding a questionnaire
  • Assignee email address was going off screen on Finding details page 
  • Invalid credentials error was displayed if login failed due to a network error 
  • 'View All' link for comments on Finding details page did not work
  • Assignee Delete was going off screen on Project Request standard tab on IE11 
  • Icon for Instance’s Retest state was inconsistent throughout the application 
  • Fixed issues with Master Finding variation created and updated dates
  • User last_sign_in_at is now always set correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Finding name was not showing properly on Instances details page
  • Alignment issues on RTE formatted texts on Internet Explorer
  • Other UI/UX fixes