This release of Resolve includes a new Async Jobs floating menu, significant questionnaire enhancements, and many bug fixes.

Async Jobs Floating Menu

Now when using functionality that requires an async job, e.g. bulk CSV export, a floating queue is present in the bottom right showing you the status and progress of the export. This menu also offers quick actions to take once the job has completed.

Grids Galore

The Reports, Exports, and Project Documents pages have been rebuilt as grids! This makes managing projects with large amounts of documents a breeze and allows you to easily search for your report and export templates.

And More!

  • Rapid7 InsightAppSec integration and importer is now available
  • Project notifications enhancement that allows users to include UDFs in notification emails. 
  • Updating a Project Type on a Project adjusts checklist items and finding severity according to new Project Type.
  • In a grid, bulk actions which are not available, will be hidden now. 
  • Many Questionnaire enhancements including notifications for questionnaire submission, field validation while creating a template, and delete option for Questionnaires. 
  • Many performance enhancements. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with keyboard navigation in verification items
  • Exploitation instruction in project checklists tasks were empty, this is fixed.
  • Assignments are now syncing for projects in Pending Retest state in Financial Force
  • Project types name can be edited now.
  • Fixed a bug where an instance and its duplicate once removed could not be added back
  • Import job errors no longer leave jobs stuck in a 'processing' state
  • Findings Grid is enabled in Data Source Details Page
  • The Workspace Instance view now shows the Parameter field
  • Other UI fixes