This month we're releasing the ability to bulk edit findings and instances across the platform! Bulk edits now get sent to the Async Jobs page so they can be performed in the background. There is no limit applied to how many rows you can edit at once with the new Select All option in the Bulk Actions menu.

New Feature Functionality

  • Global assets are available for authorization underneath the User Groups screen, and are available on all site/zone selectors
  • The workspace context menu now supports copying and moving instances to other workspaces
  • Single select dropdown menus now show all available options when an option is selected
  • Dates and times across the platform have been updated to reflect the user's local timezone
  • Additional project properties have been exposed, including Project Short Name and Project External Identifier
  • The asynchronous (async) framework has been implemented for bulk edits, now when performing large amounts of work they will be queued and performed in the background. View the status of async jobs by navigating to Track > Async Jobs or Workbench > Async Jobs.
  • Max file upload size has been increased to 1 GB
  • Finding name is now available on the Instances grid

Bug Fixes

  • When copying verification items, if the original was deleted, copied images were also deleted
  • Incorrect entity counts were appearing in Track in multiple Info Cards
  • Text overflowing for large fields (e.g. instance affected source)
  • Spacing issues for inline editable fields
  • The Nessus importer ignored IPs when matching hostnames for assets
  • Escape button not closing the flyover on multiple screens
  • Nexpose importer failing on single vulnerability scan files
  • Bulk uploading of affected URLs was incorrectly parsing dns/hostnames
  • Burp importer was not always importing every verification item
  • Other references were not available for editing on the master finding details page