New Feature Functionality

  • The Program Management Dashboard is now available in beta! This dashboard gives you a single pane of glass to view high-level aggregates of vulnerability information, view the status of all projects, and request additional projects!
  • Report templates can now be authorized by Business Unit, allowing fine-grained control of who can access specific templates.
  • Global comment and document upload notifications now supported. A single notification template can be used to manage all comment or document notifications.
  • The scan file importer is now multi-threaded by Business Unit Site, allowing quicker ingestion of scan data at scale.
  • Verifications now auto-save while the user is typing to ensure no verification data is ever lost.
  • Numerous performance enhancements to allow Resolve to scale for any enterprise.
  • Project types can now be authorized by Business Unit, allowing custom project types across your organization.

Bug Fixes

  • Checklist tasks were getting reset to 'New' after the failure of any network request.
  • Multiple flyover navigation fixes.
  • Copy asset and instance information was not removing duplicate values.
  • Various Internet Explorer UI bugs.
  • Duplicate instances were being updated with their parents during bulk updates.
  • Flag instance as entry point was unable to be unselected after original selection.
  • Report generation not working when a bulk search was used to select entity.