New Feature Functionality

  • You can group all related assets into an Application and view trending finding information for that Application. This helps aggregate the vulnerability information for multi-environment applications and provides continuous insight into the application's security posture.
  • You can now bulk prioritize findings by filtering different asset and vulnerability attributes.
  • Workbench users can now bulk import scan files and have the Import Templates and Import Type Configs automatically identified.
  • Images can now be dragged and dropped and copy and pasted into all rich text editor fields.
  • A full product guide is now available by selecting the question mark in the top right navigation bar.
  • Continued UX improvements to enhance entity details pages and workspaces.
  • Workbench users can generate and download reports directly from the project they're working on.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated flyover navigation in Track and Workbench.
  • Workbench users can generate reports.
  • Workbench users can associate a project to an application.