New Feature Functionality

  • You can configure workflow restrictions when changing a finding state. For example, you can enforce that a finding state must be set to In Progress before it can be set to Finalized. You can also configure user restrictions for this workflow. Note: Workflow configuration is not available in the user interface. Contact NetSPI for assistance.

Bug Fixes

  • Several performance and functionality issues are addressed for grids and dashboards.
  • The counts in some info cards were not updated unless a hard refresh was performed.
  • The MIME type was not properly set when downloading reports using Firefox, causing DOCX and PDF files to be treated like TXT files in the open/save dialog.
  • Dates that appeared in generated reports were incorrect.
  • If a data source file was imported twice to a workspace, the instance count in the Duplicates card wasn't updated.
  • Merging master findings failed.
  • Several text fields for master finding details now support rich text.
  • When creating a master finding variation, the variation details were incorrectly populated from the default variation.
  • Values couldn't be deactivated in custom field lists.