New Feature Functionality

  • Tooltips are added for icons in the workspace findings tree.
  • When creating a manual instance, the instance name is auto-populated based on the selected finding. You can modify the instance name if needed.

Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, a condition couldn't be selected when applying a filter to a grid.
  • In the Track Remediator dashboard, the Sort drop-down menu options for assigned and unassigned findings weren't displayed correctly.
  • When publishing findings from Workbench to Track, the Publish Findings button was sometimes disabled unless the cache was cleared.
  • The Expand and Collapse links in the findings tree sometimes expanded the wrong entries.
  • Verification items in a workspace were missing the drop-down menu to delete, duplicate, or move items.
  • The info cards in the CPE tab in the master finding administration area were displaying incorrect numbers.
  • Several minor functionality and user interface issues are addressed for various features.
  • Several Internet Explorer browser issues are addressed.