New Feature Functionality

  • In the Workbench module, you can pin workspaces and assigned checklists to the top and left navigation for easier access. To pin or unpin items, use the configure icon at the top right in a project checklist or workspace.
  • In a workspace, you can add a manual instance by clicking the bug icon above the finding tree.
  • Custom fields are supported for assets and findings.

Bug Fixes

  • User and application data couldn't be retrieved for reports and exports.
  • The list of ports didn't appear in the Ports tab of a workspace overview.
  • Accessing a workspace resulted in an error.
  • Using the right-click menu to modify the node state sometimes applied the wrong state.
  • Asset details didn't appear when clicking on an asset in the Affected Assets tab of a workspace variation node.
  • When viewing linked finding details in a workspace, the History and Comments tabs weren't displaying information correctly.
  • Modifications to drop-down menu selections in the workspace Instance Details tab weren't saved.
  • Checklists associated with a project type were not automatically assigned when creating a new project of that type.
  • When cloning a user, the user group and role assignments were not included.
  • Role permissions for Track verifications were not correctly applied.
  • If a user logged on with multi-factor authentication, the session timeout page was displayed, preventing access to the interface.
  • Refreshing a page sometimes incorrectly redirected to the user's profile.
  • Several minor functionality and user interface issues are addressed.