Resolve offers built-in report generation for exporting data in multiple formats.

Data export is supported for these Track and Workbench entities:
  • Applications
  • Assets
  • Findings
  • Projects
  • Scans
  • Users
These output formats are supported:
  • DOCX
  • PDF
  • HTML

Report templates

Data is exported based on defined export templates. Two types of templates are used — one for single records, such as exporting a project and its instances, and one for multiple records, such as exporting a list of Resolve users.

Reports and authorization

If a user's role allows them to access report templates, that user is able to view and generate reports for templates they share an authorized Business Unit with. If a report template is authorized for the Acme Business Unit the user must have at least one assigned authorization scope inside of the Acme Business Unit. However, the data available to the user for reports depends on what the user is authorized to see based on their roles and groups. For example, if a user doesn't have access to a particular project, they won't be able to generate a report for that object. If a user doesn't have access to certain fields within an entity, they won't be able to export data for those fields.