Use the menu in the template cards to perform actions such as deleting and duplicating report templates.

Note: You can't modify the Velocity template itself through the interface. Download the file, make the changes in an appropriate editor, then upload the file.
  1. From the top menu, select Administration > Reports
  2. In the template entry card, click the ellipse icon (  ), then perform any of these tasks:
    (DOCX/PDF reports only) Preview the template
    1. Select View Template.
    2. If there are multiple thumbnail images, use the arrows to the left and right of the image to browse to the next image.
    Modify template properties
    1. Select Edit Template.
    2. Perform the necessary modifications, then click Update Template.
    Duplicate a templateSelect Duplicate Template(s).

    A duplicate entry is automatically created.

    Download a Velocity template
    1. Select Download Template(s).
    2. Open or save the template file.
    Delete a template
    1. Select Delete Templates.
    2. Click Okay.