Upload the template file and configure template options.

  1. From the top menu, select Administration > Reports
  2. Click Add Template.
  3. Enter the template name.
  4. (Optional) Enter the description.
  5. From the Entity drop-down menu, select the entity type.
  6. From the Data Format drop-down menu, select the output format.
    Note: The output format must align with the syntax of the template file
  7. From the Template Scope drop-down menu, select whether the template is for a single record or multiple records.
  8. Drag the template file into the upload area or click Click to Add Document to select the file. View Report template syntax to learn how to make a template.
  9. (Optional) For DOCX or PDF reports, upload one or more thumbnail images.
    These images are typically screenshots of the template to use a preview images.
    1. In the Template Thumbnail area, drag the image into the upload area or click Click to Add Thumbnail to select the file.
    2. Enter the thumbnail caption.
    3. Click Add.
  10. Under Authorization select if this template should be available for all Business Units, or only selected Business Units.
  11. Click Add Report Template.