Notifications are alerts sent over email when certain conditions are triggered in Resolve.

Notifications include, but are not limited to, actions such as:
  • A new user is created
  • A new asset is created
  • A finding state is set to exception requested
Notification emails are sent based on defined templates. The templates specify what triggers the email, who the email is sent to, and what the email contains.

Using Velocity syntax in templates

These fields support Velocity syntax:
  • Subject
  • To
  • BCC
  • Content (Email body)

You can use Velocity syntax for specifying variable email addresses in the To or BCC fields. You can also include specific Resolve data in the subject or body of the email, such as finding or asset details. The Content field contains a rich text editor to apply formatting to the email body.

For more information, see Using Velocity with Resolve. You can also view and use built-in notification templates to see how notifications implement Velocity syntax.