Create and modify zones within a business unit.

  1. From the top menu, select Administration > Business Units.
  2. Click the business unit entry.
  3. In the Sites & Zones area, expand the site entry containing the zone to create or modify.
  4. Perform any of these tasks:
    Create a zone
    1. Click Add a Zone.
    2. Enter the name.
    3. Click Add Zone.
    Modify a zone
    1. Select the zone.
    2. Modify zone properties as needed.

      Modifications are automatically saved.

    Add or modify an IP address range
    1. Select the zone.
    2. Click Add IP Range or click the ellipse icon (  ) for the range entry and select Edit.
    3. Enter the range.

      Ranges must be specified using CIDR notation, such as

    4. Click Add IP Range.
    Delete an IP address rageClick the ellipse icon (  ) for the range entry and select Delete.
    Delete a zone
    1. Select the zone.
    2. Click the delete icon (  ).
      Note: If the delete icon isn't displayed, then the zone is the only one in the site and can't be deleted.
    3. Click Delete Zone.
    Hide DHCP or DMZ zonesClick the tune icon (  ) and select Hide DHCP Zones or Hide DMZ Zones.