Configure connection timeouts and whitelists.

  1. From the top menu, select Administration > Authentication.
  2. Click the Authentication Settings tab.
  3. Perform any of these tasks:
    Modify the idle timeoutEnter a numerical value, in minutes, in the Idle Timout field.
    Note: The idle timeout is the length of time a session expires due to user inactivity. The OWASP recommended maximum is 15 minutes.
    Modify the session timeoutEnter a numerical value, in hours, in the Session Timout field.
    Note: The session timeout is the length of time an active user can use the Resolve platform before needing to reauthenticate. NetSPI recommends a maximum of 9 hours.
    Add or modify whitelisted IP addresses
    1. If needed, enable IP address whitelisting by clicking the Whitelist login IPs toggle.
    2. In the Allowed IP Addresses text box, enter IP addresses separated by commas.
    3. (Optional) Click Validate IP Addresses.
    Add or modify whitelisted email domains
    1. If needed, enable email domain whitelisting by clicking the Whitelist Email Domains toggle.
    2. In the Allowed Email Domains text box, enter email domains separated by commas.