Configure data permissions and feature access for users.

  1. From the top menu, select Administration > Roles.
  2. Select one of these options:
    • From the Actions drop-down menu, select New Record.
    • Click the role entry.
  3. Enter the role name.
  4. (Optional) Enter the description.
  5. Select a Resolve module.
  6. Perform any of these tasks for each available module:
    Configure CRUD permissionsIn the Entities table, select which permissions to give to the user for each entity.
    Configure field assignments
    1. In the Field Assignment column for any of the entity rows, click Set.
    2. Use the drop-down menus to select fields to be hidden, editable, or read-only.
      Tip: Some assignments have links near the top to change all fields to the same option.
    3. Click Close.
    Configure feature accessIn the Functions area, select which features and abilities the user is allowed to access or perform.
    Configure actionsIn the Actions area, select which actions are allowed for implemented integrations.
    Tip: Hover over the information icon to view an explanation of any entity, function, or action.
  7. Click Save.