View or modify asset details associated with a workspace finding.

  1. Open a workspace.
    1. From the top menu, select Workbench > Projects.
    2. Click the project entry.
    3. Click the Workspaces tab.
    4. To switch the workspace, click the displayed workspace name, then select the workspace.
  2. From the finding tree, select an asset node.
  3. Perform any of these tasks:
    View or modify full asset informationClick the ellipse icon (  ) and select View full asset information.
    Note: Some information, such as the asset state, can be viewed or modified only from the full asset information page.
    Modify asset information
    1. In the Asset Details tab, click any of the modifiable fields.
    2. Enter or update the information, then click the checkmark icon ( ).
    View workspace findings across all vulnerabilities related to the assetClick the Workspace findings tab.
    View all workspace instances related to the asset and parent findingClick the Instances tab.
    Add a comment
    1. Click the Comments tab.
    2. Enter the comment in the Write a comment field.
    3. If you want the comment to appear for this entity in the Track module, select Show comment in Track.
    4. Click Post Comment.