Modify finding information such as the remediation state, assignee, or due date. Typically remediation states and assignees are set in Track but they can be set in Workbench as well.

You can also change finding definition details, such as the description or remediation instructions, on a per-finding basis. By default, this information is populated from the associated master finding variation. Modifying these fields in a finding only impacts that finding and does not affect the variation.

Tip: Although this task describes accessing a finding from a workspace, you can access findings from other areas in Workbench. For example, if a finding has at least one instance with a state of final, you can access the finding from the Findings tab in a project.
  1. Open a workspace.
    1. From the top menu, select Workbench > Projects.
    2. Click the project entry.
    3. Click the Workspaces tab.
    4. To switch the workspace, click the displayed workspace name, then select the workspace.
  2. Open a finding.
    1. From the findings tree, select the variation node of the finding.
    2. In the working area, click the Linked Findings tab.
    3. Click the finding entry.
  3. Perform any of these tasks in the Recent Comments area:
    Add a comment
    1. Click the add icon (  ) icon.
    2. If you want the comment to appear for this entity in the Track module, select Show comment in Track.
    3. Enter the comment, the click Post Comment.
    View all comments
    1. Click the View All link.

      The page jumps to the Comments tab.

    2. (Optional) At the top right of the Comments tab, use the drop-down menu to sort comments by newest or oldest.
  4. Perform any of these tasks in the Finding Defintion area:
    Modify the assigned severityClick the currently assigned severity, then select the severity from the drop-down menu.
    Modify the CVSS 2.0 or 3.0 score
    1. Click the calculator icon (  ) for CVSS 2.0 or CVSS 3.0.
    2. Use the drop-down menus to configure the score.
    3. Click Save Score.
    Tip: The calculator window displays the CVSS score and the string.
    Modify definition detailsModify the text in any of the description, impact, or instructions fields.

    To revert changes, click the cancel icon (  ).

  5. Perform any of these tasks in the Overview area:
    Modify the remediation stateClick the current remediation state, then select the state from the drop-down menu.
    Assign a finding
    1. Below Assigned To, click the add icon (  ) or the currently assigned user.
    2. In the Search team members field, begin typing the user's name, then select the user from the list.
    Remove an assigneeHover over the user's name and click the delete icon (  ).
    Modify the remediation due date
    1. Below Remediation Due Date, click None or the current date.
    2. Select the date.
    Changes are automatically saved.