Each node in the tree contains an icon representing the review state of the node.

When updating the state of a finding or instance in the tree, the icon change can propagate up the tree depending on the state priority. This provides an at-a-glance view of instance states and if there are remaining instances to review and verify.

Higher-level node icons are determined by the state priority of the instances in that grouping. The parent node inherits the state of the instance with the highest priority. For example, the state new is the highest priority, so if there are any instances with a state of new, the parent node is also new. The state retest is the lowest priority, so a parent node state is retest only if all instances have a state of retest.

In a fully reviewed and verified workspace, the top-level nodes typically have a state of final.

Table 1. Finding tree state icons
6In progress
4False positive
Table 2. Other finding tree icons
Number of verification items
Number of instances
Number of instances flagged as entry points
Indicates a duplicate instance
Indicates the parent instance in a set of duplicates