View tasks, task information, and high-level progress statistics for an assigned checklist. You can also pin a checklist to the navigation.

  1. From the top menu, select Workbench > Projects.
  2. Click the project entry.
  3. Click the Checklist tab.
  4. In the Checklist area, use the arrow icons or the Expand All link to display tasks.
  5. Perform any of these tasks:
    Search for a task or category by name
    1. In the Search field, enter the search text.
      The search is applied and the search filter option appears above the checklist.
      Tip: You can combine multiple search filters by entering additional search terms.
    2. To remove a search filter, click the x for that search option.
    View task details
    1. Select a task in the checklist.

      Task details appear to the right.

    2. To expand or collapse sections, click the section header or use the Collapse All and Expand All links.
    Show only tasks with linked findingsClick the tune icon (  ) and select Only show tasks with linked findings.
    Hide completed or N/A tasksClick the tune icon (  ) and select either of the hide options.
    Hide or show the checklist summaryAt the top right of the Checklist tab, click Hide Summary or Show Summary.
    Pin the checklist to the navigation
    1. Click the configure icon (  ) and select Pin to navigation.
    2. (Optional) Modify the display name.
    3. Click Okay.
    Unpin the checklist from the navigationClick the configure icon (  ) and select Unpin from navigation.