Modify details such as the application state or URL.

  1. From the top menu, select Workbench > Applications.
  2. Click the application entry.
  3. Perform any of these tasks:
    Modify the application name
    1. Hover over the application name at the top left and click the edit icon (  ) that appears.
    2. Enter the new name, then click Update Name.
    Show or hide application metricsIn the Application Metrics area, click the ellipse icon (  ) and select the metrics.
    Export the Findings Over Time chartIn the Findings Over Time area, click the Actions drop-down menu and select the print or export option.
    Modify the state or business importanceIn the Overview area, click the current state or importance, then select the new value from the drop-down menu.
    Modify the owner or primary URL
    1. In the Overview area, click the current owner or URL.
    Add a comment
    1. In the Recent Comments area, click the add icon (  ).
    2. If you want the comment to appear for this entity in the Track module, select Show comment in Track.
    3. Enter the comment, the click Post Comment.
    View all comments
    1. In the Recent Comments area, click the View All link.

      The page jumps to the Comments tab.

    2. (Optional) At the top right of the Comments tab, use the drop-down menu to sort comments by newest or oldest.
    Modify other project details or custom fields
    1. Click the Project Details or Custom Fields tab.
    2. Click the edit icon (  ) for the field.
    3. For text fields, enter the text.
    4. For date fields, click the date entry or Select Date area, then select the date.
    5. Click Okay or the checkmark icon (  ).