Modify asset details such as the IP address, state, or custom fields.

  1. From the top menu, select Track > Assets.
  2. Click the asset entry.
  3. Perform any of these tasks in the Recent Comments area:
    Add a comment
    1. Click the add icon (  ).
    2. Enter the comment, the click Post Comment.
    View all comments
    1. Click the View All link.

      The page jumps to the Comments tab.

    2. (Optional) At the top right of the Comments tab, use the drop-down menu to sort comments by newest or oldest.
  4. Perform any of these tasks in the Asset Properties area:
    Modify the asset criticalityClick the current criticality, then select the criticality from the drop-down menu.
    Modify asset propertiesModify properties as needed.

    For text fields, you can revert changes by clicking the cancel icon (  ).

    Tip: Use the Custom Fields area to modify custom asset properties.
  5. Perform any of these tasks in the Overview area:
    Modify the asset stateClick the current state, then select the state from the drop-down menu.
    Add or modify the asset ownerClick the current owner name or None, then modify or enter the owner name.

    To revert changes, click the cancel icon (  ).

    Changes are automatically saved.