View or modify the full details of finding instances.

  1. From the top menu, select Track > Findings.
    Tip: You can also access findings from applications, projects, and scans.
  2. Click the finding entry.
  3. In the Instances tab of the Grids area, click the instance entry.
  4. Perform any of these tasks:
    Modify instance propertiesUse the drop-down menus or text fields to configure instance properties in these areas:
    • Vulnerability Summary area
    • Vulnerability Info tab
    • Custom Fields tab

    Changes are automatically saved.

    Modify the state or severity
    1. In the Overview area, click the Add link or the current state or status.
    2. Use the drop-down menu that appears to select the new state or status.
    View or add comments
    1. Click the Comments tab.
    2. To add a comment, enter the comment in the Write a comment field, then click Post Comment.