The dashboards and calendar display high-level information about findings and project dates.


The dashboards provides finding statistics and charts based on factors such as severity, category, or age. The type of information displayed depends on the selected dashboard.

  1. From the top menu, select Track > Dashboard.
  2. To view a different dashboard, from the left menu, select Dashboard, then select another dashboard.
  3. To print or save any chart, click the arrow icon (  ) for that chart, then select a print or export option.


The calendar shows the number of active projects and discovered findings for the current or selected month.

  1. From the top menu, select Track > Calendar.
  2. Perform any of these tasks:
    View a different monthAt the top right of the calendar view, click the arrow icons.
    Remove findings or projects from the viewAt the left of the calendar view, deselect Findings or Projects.
    Search for findings or projectsIn the Searchfield, enter the search text.

    The search is applied and the search filter option appears above the grid.

    View findings or projects for a particular dateClick the Findings or Projects link that appears below a date.