Assets in Resolve can be pre-populated within Resolve based on a configuration management database (CMDB) or other asset information source.

Pre-population allows for asset data to exist in the Resolve database before vulnerabilities are imported. Pre-population can be one-time or ongoing depending upon your specific needs. Ongoing population requires an integration to be set up and configured. Asset destination and mapping must be specified in order to accommodate for your configuration schema.

Pre-populating your asset information can aid in enriching vulnerabilities using the existing information known about the asset. When importing vulnerability data, Resolve attempts to match the imported assets to existing entries in the database. This helps prevent the creation of duplicate assets and ensures that asset entries contain as much information as possible. Asset information can be used in determining SLAs, calculating CVSS, sending notifications, or opening remediation tasks.

Bidirectional asset discovery with CMDBs

Resolve can pass asset information back to a CMDB based on unique asset correlations. This is configured as a part of the CMDB integration.